About Us...


School Camps Qld has been operating since 2006.  With 4 camp style (bunkhouse and camping) venues on offer for your next school camp, it is our goal to ensure that every student has the opportunity to attend camps during their schooling.  School Camps Qld was created as a result of noticing there was not a 'one stop shop' for school camps and bookings.


Teachers are provided with all of the necessary tools to enhance their programs including curriculum references, subsidies for lower socio economic students and all necessary paperwork to make their camp experience easy to enjoy.

SCQ Mission Statement
  • School Camps Qld purpose is to provide every child the opportunity to experience the great outdoors.

  • Provide teachers with a service that is efficient and easy to use and gives teachers more time to concentrater on the children rather than administrative work.

  • To provide a service which is consistent in customer service. You always know what to expect.

  • To provide a safe environbment for children, teachers and parents so rthat they can rest assured that their children are in good hands of professional facilitators who undertsand the needs of children and young adults.

  • To provide children with opportunities to try something new, to challenge themselves and to bond with one another. Regardless of age, sex, weight, nationality or any other perceived differences.

  • To provide and environment based on the great outdoors. All activities are conducted outside throughout our camps. The only tinme for indoors is sleeping.

  • To make a profit and reinvest that profit into enhancing and growing educational, social and emotional intelligence of facilitators, children, young adults and adults that come into contact with SCQ. To also give back to the community making a better community for now and in future.

SCQ Values
  • Planting the seed to make better choices for a better future.

  • Having respect for yourself, one another, authority and their elders.

  • Taking responsibility for yourself and your actions

  • Making choices based on consequences and the effects on yourself and others

  • Strong work ethic

  • Spritiual based learning

  • Forgiveness, patience, trust, loyalty and acceptance

  • Living a healthy lifestyle including coping skills to exist in the community now and in future.

Our Team

Each member of our team is dedicated to making our camps a success.  Our team work tirelessly with students to give students the opportunity to have a positive lasting experience with School Camps Qld.

School Camps Qld core team has been with us for a number of years. Please see our Team Page for details on each of our team members.

Entering and being nominated for Awards is an excellent way to get involved with other business and build relationships that are vital to the growth of Camp Qld. Awards we have received include:


Finalists at Scenic Rim Awards 2015 - Corporate Citizenship Category / Young Employee of the Year - Jade Matthews / Business Person of the Year - Leanne Conoley - To be decided 27 November 2015


Finalists in 2 Categories at the QORF Awards 2015


Scenic Rim Business Awards - Winner of 2013 Business Person of the Year - Leanne Conoley


International Women at Work - Leanne Conoley - Young Business Woman of Year 2012